This is the most advanced range of specific chemical peels, designed for professionals who require safe, efficient products, which are convenient and controllable. Can be used to treat hyperpigmentation, signs of each phase of aging and aesthetic conditions such as acne and its effects, couperosis, rosacea, stretch marks and other imperfections.


The Cell renewal Process Our skin renews and regenerates naturally every 28 days, but with time and at certain times of life, adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, this process becomes irregular and slower; provoking the appearance of skin alterations: acne, shine, dilated pores, wrinkles, dull tone, pigmentation spots, etc. We provide 6 different types of the mesopeel® range to accommodate your skin

Our mesopeel range


modified jessner

dull, slightly wrinkled, sensitive and dark skins, treating chronological aging, actinic acne, superficial scarring and slight hyperpigmentation’s.

azelan peel

specifically formulated for oily skins or those with acneac tendency. Use for treating acne in it’s different manifestations and elimination of epidermis hyperpigmentation's.

piruvex peel

Treatment of skins with aging signs like fine and deep wrinkles or hyperpigmentation's. It is also useful for treating acne, actinic and fine seborrheic keratosis

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Self-neutralizing, depigmenting, combined peel for focal use. Indicated for dark spots, lentiginous and hyperpigmentation

melanostop peel

Especially formulated to treat most forms of hyperpigmentation including sun damage, age spots/liver spots and post inflammatory.

mesoeclat peel

This a pack developed to stimulate organism’s defense mechanisms to fight effectively against the factors that accelerate the skin aging process.

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