PLEXR® Treatment (Soft surgical)



Plexr is the use of plasma in order to contract the skin (micro-contraction). Allowing the practitioner to complete a number of non-surgical procedures, such as Blepharoplasty, non-surgical removal of crow's feet; wrinkles; and other conditions that affect the skin.


This is a revolutionary soft surgical device that’s changing the way many practitioners work. The cordless, micro-surgical device developed as an alternative to surgery.

Comparing a Plexr treatment to the cost of traditional, open surgery, it is about 50 – 75% less. The benefits of the Plexr treatment is not as invasive as traditional surgery with little to no down time and lowering the risk of general anesthetic surgery,



  • PROCEDURE TIME: Topical numbing cream 20min Prior appointment and procedure itself. 30min.
  • FULL RECOVERY: 2 Weeks with correct post surgery treatment.
  • RESULTS: Permanent
  • PAIN: Minimal
  • POST PROSEDURE: Swelling , Redness, Dryness and itching

  • Plexr treatments :

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    Also referred to as blepharoplasty .


    An eye-lift can take years of someone’s face, but because of the surgical risks involved, it’s an aesthetic concern commonly left untreated.

    The Plexr eye-lift produces results equivalent to open surgery, or even better. Furthermore, it is safe, quick and more affordable and delivers almost instant results. With Plexr, you can simultaneously treat upper and lower eyelids and it can be used to erase wrinkles and permanent expression lines around the eyes..

    Wrinkles; scaring & other conditions on the forehead


    This is a very common issue presented by both men and women as these are often familial. Horizontal forehead lines affect the top third of the face and addressing these can improve the “freshness factor” of the face.

    Facial expressions and stress is the most common contribution to wrinkles across the forehead if this is beyond the treatment of preventive procedures for example Botulinum A injections these become permanent folds the Plexr is ideal to remove this permanent folds.

    Orbicularis oris muscle referred to as 'the kissing muscle.'


    It allows for facial expression, and more specifically it is responsible for puckering the lips. Lips must contract into a pucker to forcefully exhale, which is necessary for playing certain music instruments or expressing certain words, the orbicularis oris muscle is also responsible for closing the mouth. With access exercising of thus muscle there can be permanent folds developing/developed allowing a tired or unhappy appearance.

    From the Nose to the mouth lines.

    Nasolabial folds are the deep wrinkles or lines that form from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth. While they’re extremely common, their severity can vary. People should feel reassured that everybody has nasolabial folds, Some people would like theirs to be less prominent, and and fortunately we can treat this with the Plexr.

    Age, sun damage, and smoking are the biggest culprits but typical aging can also play a part, even without sun damage or smoking. As you age, the structure of your cheekbones flattens out. This can cause the skin of your cheeks to sag or droop downwards.

    Treatment to jowls, sagging, jawlines in the neck

    Over time, the skin in your cheeks and below your jawline loses much of its collagen and elastin. The cheek skin surrounding your mouth loses its firmness and tightness, Once this happens gravity causes it to sag and descend to the area on either side of your mouth and chin.

    We can provide tightening of the skin again to regain its elastin and collagen appearance.

    Sun/age spots on hands known as liver spots

    Older adults, people with fair skin and people who've spent lots of time in the sun are most prone to these spots. They appear most often on sun-exposed areas, such as the face, hands, shoulders and arms. Using the plexr treatment spots can destroy the cells that are producing melanin. This may requires several visits and will cause the age spots to fade over the course of several weeks or months.

    Facial skin lesions

    A skin lesion is a part of the skin that has an abnormal growth or appearance compared to the skin around it. Two categories of skin lesions exist: primary and secondary. Primary skin lesions are abnormal skin conditions present at birth or acquired over a person’s lifetime. Secondary skin lesions are the result of irritated or manipulated primary skin lesions. For example, if your scratched yourself, the resulting lesion, a crust, is now a secondary skin lesion.

    Many conditions can cause different types of skin lesions, Depending on type , cause and deph of the lesion your treatment plan can them only be planned more sessions might be needed and intensity of treatment might increase for more severe lesions.

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